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Lessons FAQ

L e s s o n s  FAQ

To sign up for lessons, email:

What is the tuition?

Guzheng lessons will be provided to young musicians at a low cost. 100% of the tuition fees will be used by Sound of Wishes to support Make-A-Wish Illinois or other SoWE Fundraising projects dedicated to helping under-resourced children.

What are the credentials of the teacher?

Emily Zhao is the primary teacher for the Guzheng lessons. She currently has 4 students of ages five to adult. She has played Guzheng for nine years and has achieved the highest division level of the instrument with an Excellence Award in Changchun, China. In addition, she has participated in many music competitions in both the United States and China and won various 1st through 4th places (see Events/News Page). Emily also plays the piano and flute, for ten and seven years respectively. 

In addition to Emily, there are two other available teachers (Sophia and Angela). Both are extraordinary musicians with more than seven years of Guzheng study experience. Like Emily, the have participated in several music competitions and festivals.

What if we do not own a Guzheng or the supplies needed?

Students do not need to purchase a Guzheng right away. SoWE can provide Guzheng nails, nail tape, and other supplies. Students have the option to practice at the Guzheng studio if they wish. If the student is intent on purchasing an instrument, we will recommend available online ordering sites in the United States with prices ranging from $200 to over $1000. 

Where will the lesson's take place?

Lessons will take place at studios located in either Chicago or suburban Chicago. Students also have the option of online lessons. If the student lives far and would like in-person lessons, please email us and we can discuss other available options.

Will there be performance opporunities for the student?

Yes! SoWE participates in a variety of performances and volunteer opportunities. Guzheng students under SoWE mentorship will have the chance to take part in some of these events.   

For more information about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to email

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