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Supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Ensemble Team Effort

Sound of Wishes has donated a large portion of its funds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation since its founding. Our primary goal is to help grant the wishes of children suffering from critical illnesses. Since 2017, the group has raised more than $5000 for MAW. All donations to SoWE, from either lessons, performances, or others will, be passed on directly to Make-A-Wish Illinois to help fund a child's wish. In addition, every year, the ensemble attends and performs at several MAW events in support of their cause.  

Developing Chinese Cultural Appreciation in the Chicago-land Area

Ensemble Team Effort

Throughout the year, SoWE performs at several locations in the Chicago-land Area. We perform a mixture of Eastern and Western music, primarily featuring the guzheng. At these events, if appropriate, SoWE also will interact with the audience, giving brief talks about the guzheng and its relevance as an ancestral Chinese instrument. Most songs performed by the ensemble are arranged by the members themselves, and all rehearsals are youth-led. Our busiest times of the year is especially Chinese New Year! Feel free to reach out to us for event inquiries!

Inspiring Young Musicians in Exploring Eastern Music with Guzheng Lessons

Director: Emily Zhao

The Sounds of Wishes Ensembles offers Guzheng lessons! They are available to all young musicians at no cost (however, donations are appreciated). Emily Zhao has been playing Guzheng for eight years and has completed the highest level of achievement for the instrument in Changchun, China. She has also received several first place awards at various competitions both in China and in Illinois. Currently, she has four students. Email if you are interested.

The Coronavirus Project

Director: Emily Zhao

Currently Sound of Wishes' newest project, we are fundraising to support FeedingAmerica. Our goal is to raise $5000 to help provide healthy meals to kids that are in need during this difficult time. As part of this project, SoWE will be releasing a series of new music videos on our youtube channel to encourage others to donate. We also hope to spread a message that even though many of us are stuck inside our homes, there is still a lot we can do to help our community. 


PLEASE NOTE: This project has currently been completed! From March to June 2020, Sound of Wishes worked hard to provide relief to families in need during this pandemic. We have raised almost $4000, equivalent to 40,000 meals provided by Feeding America! Thank you for all the support we have received in guiding our mission for this project!

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